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12 3858d 03h freddie /LassyPad/ - Font Type (Family, whatever it is called) changability added
11 3858d 05h freddie /LassyPad/ - Undo/Redo Functionality Added
- More Zoom Buttons
- TreeView Icons
- Non-RTF/RTF thingy kindof working now...
- Syntax Highlighting Works! (Now confirmed to an extent)
- Couple of tool tips I somehow missed before included
10 3858d 06h freddie /LassyPad/ - Equiped File Aditions added to SVN (I'm SLIGHTLY confused)
9 3859d 01h freddie /LassyPad/ - Major work on non-rtf handling (currectly in a state of non-functionality)
- Work on syntax highlighting underway (requires non-rtf handling before functional)
- Tidied up a couple of things...
- Last Commit of 04/07/2010
8 3859d 06h freddie /LassyPad/ - Couple of UI Fix-ups (Tooltips, mainly)
- Save All Implemented
7 3859d 07h freddie /LassyPad/ - editorView contextMenuStrip added
- Font Colour selection added
- Environment File Loading
6 3859d 10h freddie /LassyPad/ Not much has changed... anything that has changed I have forgotten what it is...
5 3859d 11h freddie /LassyPad/ - UI Re-built!!! (Lets hope it works)
4 3859d 12h freddie /LassyPad/ - No major changes...
- Preping for UI Re-build
3 3859d 12h freddie /LassyPad/ - Save As Implemented
- curFileID Setting Bugs Fixxed
- showFile(string) overload fixxed
2 3859d 13h tom /LassyPad/ * Made Changes
1 3859d 14h freddie /LassyPad/