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44 2918d 17h muzer /bike.cpp Add spectators and a few other features
43 3055d 23h muzer /bike.cpp Fix error in logging
42 3063d 02h muzer /bike.cpp Fixed more horrific bugs
41 3063d 04h muzer /bike.cpp Fix a horrific bug
40 3063d 05h muzer /bike.cpp Edit things
39 3063d 05h muzer /bike.cpp Revert
36 4247d 05h muzer /bike.cpp Almost finished "multi-threading" (not really)
35 4247d 07h muzer /bike.cpp Broke threads, leese will look
34 4247d 07h tom /bike.cpp Added more features
32 4248d 03h tom /bike.cpp Added sudden death
31 4248d 22h tom /bike.cpp Added CHAT
30 4249d 00h tom /bike.cpp Made the DISCO work
29 4249d 01h tom /bike.cpp Changed the timeout to 10 seconds
28 4250d 03h muzer /bike.cpp Disappear on death
26 4251d 00h muzer /bike.cpp Fixed duplicate bike, random starting angle
25 4251d 00h muzer /bike.cpp DISCO command when disconnected rather than dead
24 4251d 00h muzer /bike.cpp Accel/decel slower when not powered
22 4251d 01h muzer /bike.cpp Minor velocity glitch fixed
21 4251d 01h muzer /bike.cpp FIXED COLLISION CODE I HOPE
20 4251d 01h muzer /bike.cpp Fixed speed - and collision detection maybe possibly perhaps

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