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Rev Age Author Path Log message
36 5018d 02h muzer /bike.h Almost finished "multi-threading" (not really)
35 5018d 04h muzer /bike.h Broke threads, leese will look
34 5018d 04h tom /bike.h Added more features
32 5019d 00h tom /bike.h Added sudden death
31 5019d 19h tom /bike.h Added CHAT
30 5019d 21h tom /bike.h Made the DISCO work
23 5021d 22h muzer /bike.h Fixed abs
19 5021d 23h muzer /bike.h Speed stuff
15 5022d 22h muzer /bike.h Fixed again
9 5022d 22h muzer /bike.h COLLISION DETECTION (100% UNTESTED)
8 5023d 00h tom /bike.h Added hasCollided function to check for collisions
6 5023d 00h muzer /bike.h Bah, why didn't this send?
1 5023d 01h muzer /bike.h Added