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Rev Age Author Path Log message
44 3832d 01h muzer /mainwindow.cpp Add spectators and a few other features
41 3976d 13h muzer /mainwindow.cpp Fix a horrific bug
40 3976d 13h muzer /mainwindow.cpp Edit things
39 3976d 13h muzer /mainwindow.cpp Revert
36 5160d 13h muzer /mainwindow.cpp Almost finished "multi-threading" (not really)
35 5160d 15h muzer /mainwindow.cpp Broke threads, leese will look
34 5160d 15h tom /mainwindow.cpp Added more features
33 5161d 11h tom /mainwindow.cpp Changed increase amount
32 5161d 12h tom /mainwindow.cpp Added sudden death
31 5162d 06h tom /mainwindow.cpp Added CHAT
30 5162d 09h tom /mainwindow.cpp Made the DISCO work
29 5162d 10h tom /mainwindow.cpp Changed the timeout to 10 seconds
27 5163d 14h tom /mainwindow.cpp Made it so that if everyone has died, the round resets
24 5164d 09h muzer /mainwindow.cpp Accel/decel slower when not powered
14 5165d 10h muzer /mainwindow.cpp Fixed collision (possibly)
13 5165d 10h tom /mainwindow.cpp made the drawing done after it has been run
9 5165d 10h muzer /mainwindow.cpp COLLISION DETECTION (100% UNTESTED)
3 5165d 12h tom /mainwindow.cpp Changed to using OpenGL and remove the unneeded ui file
1 5165d 13h muzer /mainwindow.cpp Added