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280 3021d 06h muzer /tsimapiak/ Added sìk to the override list
279 3021d 07h muzer /tsimapiak/ Added some more overrides to BROKENWORDS.
277 3770d 09h muzer /tsimapiak/ sim
276 3770d 09h muzer /tsimapiak/ fixed brokenwords
275 3797d 20h muzer /tsimapiak/ added affix to bad things
274 3809d 14h muzer /tsimapiak/ uo
273 3809d 14h muzer /tsimapiak/ wtf... accidentally removed peyä fix
272 3809d 14h muzer /tsimapiak/ ka
271 3809d 14h muzer /tsimapiak/ feyä
269 3809d 14h muzer /tsimapiak/ akawng
268 3809d 14h muzer /tsimapiak/ apxay
267 3809d 15h muzer /tsimapiak/ ke- at the start of words beginning with e
266 3809d 15h muzer /tsimapiak/ le-k-
265 3809d 15h muzer /tsimapiak/ ke-l-
264 3809d 15h muzer /tsimapiak/ kìmä
263 3809d 16h muzer /tsimapiak/ Nope :P
262 3809d 16h muzer /tsimapiak/ null string word - crazy idea, but might just work
261 3809d 16h muzer /tsimapiak/ Fray
260 3809d 16h muzer /tsimapiak/ Mengenga, Pxengenga
259 3809d 16h muzer /tsimapiak/ Undid tsa change - I'm going to have to find another way of doing that, as it interferes with sar and saa

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