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524 1717d 08h muzer / Support SSL in captcha
523 1717d 08h muzer / Escape page title
522 1916d 00h muzer / Fix some security things
521 2538d 04h freddie / Make all files upload to the same 'root' directory
520 2538d 04h freddie / Fix Targa
519 2538d 07h freddie / Implement Image Uploading facilities - not exactly linked up yet, but it works

Adds a couple of icky things to config, will need to update local copies
518 2592d 06h freddie / Fix project CSRF code
517 2592d 06h freddie / Fix double quotes
516 2592d 07h freddie / Update install.sql a bit
515 2592d 07h freddie / Secure Projects against CSRF
514 2592d 07h freddie / Fix CSRF again
513 2592d 07h freddie / Fix CSRF Tokens
512 2592d 07h freddie / Fix GetCSRFToken UPDATE query
511 2592d 08h freddie / Secure the Blog with CSRF
510 2592d 09h freddie / Fix CSRF spelling errors
509 2592d 09h freddie / Fix register-do.php to set a random default CSRFToken value
508 2592d 09h freddie / Implement CSRF helper functions in _taios.php
507 2592d 09h freddie / Add CSRFToken DB support
506 2592d 10h freddie / Change salt to use username not name
505 2592d 10h freddie / Fix more concat issues

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