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522 1909d 09h muzer /admin/ Fix some security things
506 2585d 18h freddie /admin/ Change salt to use username not name
505 2585d 18h freddie /admin/ Fix more concat issues
504 2585d 18h freddie /admin/ Fix admin salt modification
502 2585d 19h freddie /admin/ Modify Admin system to use salts
493 2699d 08h tom /admin/ Added some more parameterisation
492 2699d 08h tom /admin/ Updated most pages to use parameters
485 2699d 18h muzer /admin/ TCP, Tim36, project titles, code style, nowify, a load of other things I've probably missed.
484 3012d 06h muzer /admin/ A load of fixes... fixed some SQL attacky stuff, probably, and also fixed BBCode links.
471 3445d 12h muzer /admin/ Added banned users, ID = 3
466 3511d 22h tom /admin/ Fixed bug
306 3662d 12h tom /admin/ * Updated All Accounts
264 3679d 03h tom /admin/ * Bug Fix
263 3679d 03h tom /admin/ * Bug Fix
262 3679d 03h tom /admin/ * all-forum-posts.php added
261 3679d 03h tom /admin/ * Updated Link
260 3679d 03h tom /admin/ * Fix Bug
258 3679d 03h tom /admin/ * Added all-forum-categories to administration
220 3679d 04h tom /admin/ * UF Update
219 3679d 04h tom /admin/ * UF Update

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