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522 1915d 22h muzer /blog/ Fix some security things
521 2538d 02h freddie /blog/ Make all files upload to the same 'root' directory
519 2538d 05h freddie /blog/ Implement Image Uploading facilities - not exactly linked up yet, but it works

Adds a couple of icky things to config, will need to update local copies
513 2592d 06h freddie /blog/ Fix CSRF Tokens
511 2592d 06h freddie /blog/ Secure the Blog with CSRF
498 2623d 21h muzer /blog/ Add displaying of page title to the blog
493 2705d 22h tom /blog/ Added some more parameterisation
492 2705d 22h tom /blog/ Updated most pages to use parameters
484 3018d 20h muzer /blog/ A load of fixes... fixed some SQL attacky stuff, probably, and also fixed BBCode links.
483 3274d 22h muzer /blog/ Added a special Drafts category that behaves slightly differently - doesn't show up at all on the home page or RSS feed, only shows up for GMs and above in the blog, but can be seen by anyone if they know the URL (this combination is most useful in my opinion). Also did some stuff with login that I can't remember.
482 3344d 08h muzer /blog/ Added link to comment count
480 3386d 23h tom /blog/
479 3386d 23h tom /blog/
478 3386d 23h tom /blog/
475 3387d 00h tom /blog/
474 3387d 00h tom /blog/ Fixed error
473 3387d 00h tom /blog/ Made comment count shown
471 3452d 01h muzer /blog/ Added banned users, ID = 3
443 3668d 01h tom /blog/ * Fixed RSS
433 3668d 04h tom /blog/ * Fix content type

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