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522 1909d 09h muzer /projects/ Fix some security things
518 2585d 15h freddie /projects/ Fix project CSRF code
517 2585d 16h freddie /projects/ Fix double quotes
515 2585d 16h freddie /projects/ Secure Projects against CSRF
492 2699d 09h tom /projects/ Updated most pages to use parameters
485 2699d 18h muzer /projects/ TCP, Tim36, project titles, code style, nowify, a load of other things I've probably missed.
484 3012d 07h muzer /projects/ A load of fixes... fixed some SQL attacky stuff, probably, and also fixed BBCode links.
289 3679d 02h tom /projects/ * Security Update
275 3679d 03h tom /projects/ * Standardised options
216 3679d 05h tom /projects/ * Bug Fix
215 3679d 05h tom /projects/ * Added edit-project-do
214 3679d 05h tom /projects/ * Added edit-project.php
213 3679d 05h tom /projects/ * Fixed Bug
212 3679d 05h tom /projects/ * Added deletion of projects
211 3679d 05h tom /projects/ * Links Fix
210 3679d 05h tom /projects/ * Added project links
209 3679d 05h tom /projects/ * UF Fix
208 3679d 05h tom /projects/ * UF Fix
207 3679d 05h tom /projects/ * UF Fix
206 3679d 05h tom /projects/ * Bug Fix

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