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509 2585d 17h freddie /register-do.php Fix register-do.php to set a random default CSRFToken value
505 2585d 18h freddie /register-do.php Fix more concat issues
500 2585d 18h freddie /register-do.php Add salting
492 2699d 08h tom /register-do.php Updated most pages to use parameters
449 3648d 15h tom /register-do.php * Improved register
356 3661d 20h tom /register-do.php * Bug Fix
355 3661d 20h tom /register-do.php * Bug Fix
354 3661d 20h tom /register-do.php * Added recaptcha check
348 3661d 20h tom /register-do.php * Added Recaptura
169 3679d 05h tom /register-do.php * Changed to UNIX line endings
1 3679d 13h tom /register-do.php * Initial Release