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151 3983d 11h szabot /tsimapiak/ import fix
149 3983d 11h szabot /tsimapiak/ fixed bug like 'awvea
147 3983d 11h szabot /tsimapiak/ fixed numparse fix
146 3983d 11h szabot /tsimapiak/ fixed numparser, added /translate (hopefully)
145 3983d 15h szabot /tsimapiak/ try x
144 3983d 15h szabot /tsimapiak/ try3
143 3983d 15h szabot /tsimapiak/ try2
142 3983d 15h szabot /tsimapiak/ try1
141 3983d 15h szabot /tsimapiak/ lol fixed
140 3983d 16h szabot /tsimapiak/ little fix
139 3983d 16h szabot /tsimapiak/ fix try
138 3983d 16h szabot /tsimapiak/ new numparser + translation fixes
137 3983d 16h muzer /tsimapiak/ Possibly fixed
136 3983d 16h muzer /tsimapiak/ Translation (hopefully), stage 1
135 3987d 07h szabot /tsimapiak/ undone parsenum changes ( bad code )
134 3987d 07h szabot /tsimapiak/ fix
133 3987d 07h szabot /tsimapiak/ added real ordinal numbers, number parser fixes
122 3989d 11h szabot /tsimapiak/ added Home page
121 3989d 11h szabot /tsimapiak/ added ke to postfixes
120 3989d 11h szabot /tsimapiak/ fixed multi pref suff

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