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Rev Age Author Path Log message
152 3956d 16h szabot /webapp/ lang remembrance test 1
150 3956d 16h szabot /webapp/ translator update
146 3956d 16h szabot /webapp/ fixed numparser, added /translate (hopefully)
132 3962d 15h szabot /webapp/ fixx
131 3962d 15h szabot /webapp/ fix
129 3962d 15h szabot /webapp/ fix3
128 3962d 15h szabot /webapp/ fix2
127 3962d 15h szabot /webapp/ fix
122 3962d 16h szabot /webapp/ added Home page
117 3962d 17h szabot /webapp/ Removed, renamed ->, fixed number parser (still no really working ordinals)
103 3962d 22h szabot /webapp/ added number
89 3963d 02h szabot /webapp/ Fixed a few things
77 3964d 01h szabot /webapp/ added sentence parser
76 3964d 02h szabot /webapp/ fix
74 3964d 02h szabot /webapp/ fix
70 3964d 13h szabot /webapp/ back to word
57 3966d 17h szabot /webapp/ separate template for parse2
56 3966d 17h szabot /webapp/ Added alternative infix parser
50 3967d 16h szabot /webapp/ fix1
49 3967d 16h szabot /webapp/ Included word parser, moved from dev to tsimapiak.

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